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Breyer Theodore O'Connor

Breyer Theodore O'Connor

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Theodore O'Connor (May 8, 1995 - May 28, 2008) was an internationally competing wonder pony. Sired by the Thoroughbred stallion Witty Boy from the Thoroughbred/Shetland/Arabian mare, Chelsea's Melody, Theodore O'Connor rose to fame when he was paired with Karen O'Connor. Starting in 2006, the duo finished seventh at both Poplar Place (CIC***) and The Fork (CIC***) and ninth at Jersey Fresh (CIC***). In 2007, Teddy captured two gold medals at the Pan American Games for both team and individual as well as winning The Fork (CIC***) and finishing third in his first CCI****, Rolex Kentucky Three Day. In 2008, he finished sixth at Rolex Kentucky Three Day (CCI****). 

Breyer released Teddy on the Phar Lap mold in 2008 following the untimely death of the superstar eventing pony. His model was retired in 2009. This model does not have any noted flaws, but I do not claim LSQ.

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